Porch owners

Do you have a porch, patio, driveway, or parking lot that could host a performance? Sign up here! The registration deadline to sign up is Sunday, May 21. If you haven't already found bands for your porch, you can request to pick from the available registered bands to play on your porch (you tell us which bands you prefer - first come, first served). The deadline to pick registered bands to play on your porch is Monday, May 29; otherwise we will assign your porch to any available registered musicians if you indicate you have room on your porch. Notifications of assignments go out on Tuesday, May 30.

Do you have questions about how this works? See our FAQ below or contact us at medfordporchfest@gmail.com.

Frequently asked questions about Porchfest

What is Porchfest?
Porchfest is an afternoon of free music performed outside of people’s homes - on porches, patios, driveways, and lawns.
Where in Medford is Porchfest happening?
It will take place throughout the city.
What do I need to do if I’m hosting musicians?
The requirements are:
  • Designate an outdoor area on your private property that can accommodate musicians and guests. Porches are great, but any outdoor space will work.
  • Communicate with the performer(s) to arrange for logistics. Ask them what time they plan to arrive, what electrical access they need, and any other details. We will send out their email info around the end of May.
  • Ensure your performance space has available space and is free of clutter that could create a hazard.
  • Be home during the time that musicians are performing on your property. Welcome the band upon arrival and be a gracious host to festival attendees.
  • Allow musicians access to (only) your porch during their set-up, performance and breakdown times.
  • Promote the event in the weeks leading up to June 3rd to family, coworkers, and friends.
  • Communicate with neighbors regarding the performance to boost attendance and to avoid complaints about noise.
  • Display the balloons we'll mail you visibly on your street on the day of the event, so that folks know you are a host porch.
  • Count the number of people who attend each performance and report your numbers to the organizing committee at medfordporchfest@gmail.com.
  • Consider providing a trash can to encourage respect for the cleanliness of the neighborhood.
  • Consider if your property will be available on the rain date of June 4th and indicate your preference on the sign-up form.
This is an all-ages, alcohol-free event. We appreciate your help in keeping the event viable and safe for everyone.
How long will the band be performing on my porch?
Medford’s Porchfest will run from 12 pm to 5 pm. You may or may not have musicians performing during that whole window, depending on how many groups you choose to host. Each performance will start on the hour. We recommend that a performance lasts no longer than 45 minutes if setup is needed for the next performance at the top of the hour.
Do I need to own my property to sign up as a porch owner?
Yes, property owners only please, for liability reasons.
Do I have to find musicians to play on my porch?
Nope! If you know of musicians you’d like to perform on your porch, you and they can indicate that you want to be matched during registration. After we account for those matches, we’ll release a list of remaining available bands on Tuesday, May 23. You can pick bands that you’d like to perform from that list - first come, first served. Any bands that aren’t selected during that process will be assigned to a porch on Monday, March 29, if porch space is still available.
I’m a musician! Can I play on my own porch?
Sure! You should register separately as both a porch and a musician, and then indicate on both sign-ups that you’d like to be matched.
Do I have to provide refreshments?
We’d appreciate it if you could make water available to musicians, but it’s not required. Anything else you offer is up to you.
Do I need to provide parking for the band?
No, but it would help if you arrange with the band where they can park temporarily to drop off equipment.
How will folks know that my porch is hosting music on June 3rd?
We’ll be providing lots of information on our website, including maps with a schedule. We will mail you some balloons to use on the day of the event as a sign that you're a porch host. We’re counting on you to help promote the event as well. You can print copies of this flyer to post in your neighborhood; please remove the posters after the event so we don't create trash.
What if it rains?
We’ve planned a rain date: Sunday, June 4th. We will notify you by email if we need to move to the rain date, and we’ll also update our social media pages.
Can I decorate? Can my kids set up a lemonade stand?
Absolutely! Anything you want to do to make your porch a fun place to be is welcome. We just ask that you don’t block the sidewalks.
Can I hold a block party or host bands on my street, rather than my porch?
All Medford streets must operate as normal with no traffic interference. If you’d like to close part of a street, you must ask for and receive explicit approval from both the Medford police chief and the Medford fire chief.
What’s the fine print?
We hope you have a great time at Porchfest. By agreeing to perform, host, volunteer and/or attend Porchfest you also agree to participate at your own risk (not that we are anticipating any issues). You agree to hold performers, hosts, volunteers, and/or organizers free of any claim for damages in the event of accident, injury, or disappointment.
Whom should I contact with other questions?
Please email the Medford Porchfest committee at medfordporchfest@gmail.com.
Thanks to Newton Porchfest for their awesome FAQ for porches, which we have modeled this page on.