Do you play an instrument or sing? Are you a member of a band? Sign up here! The registration deadline is Sunday, May 21. We will notify you of your porch assignment by Tuesday, May 30.

Do you have questions about how this works? See our FAQ below or contact us at

Frequently asked questions about Porchfest

What is Porchfest?
Porchfest is an afternoon of free music performed outside of people’s homes - on porches, patios, driveways, and lawns.
Where in Medford is Porchfest happening?
It will take place throughout the city.
What kind of groups can perform?
Any and all are welcome! You can play solo or with a group; with instruments or a capella. Any type of music is welcome. We also welcome other types of performances, such as dance or spoken word; use the “other” genre category when signing up.
Do I need to be from Medford to perform?
Will I be paid?
Porchfest is free! Musicians donate their time. Porch owners donate their porch, lawn, driveway, or patio as a performance space.
How long can I play for?
The schedule is hourly and includes time for set up and break down - so in a one hour slot, you’d perform no more than 45 minutes.
How loud can I play?
Performances should be acoustic or near acoustic and not excessively amplified. The goal is to be heard on the sidewalk, but not down the street. Other bands may be performing nearby, and not all neighbors may want to hear loud music, so please be respectful.
How will I know where I’m performing?
If you’d like to perform on a specific porch (your own or a friend’s), please list that on the sign-up form. After we account for those matches, we’ll release a list of remaining available bands on Tuesday, May 23. Porches will pick bands from that list - first come, first served. Any bands that aren’t selected during that process will be assigned to a porch on Monday, March 29, if porch space is still available. We will notify you by Tuesday, March 30 of your porch location.
Should I bring my own equipment?
Yes. Organizers and porch owners will not provide equipment. Porch owners will provide electrical outlets. You’ll need to talk logistics with porch owners before the performance date. We will email you with contact information for your porch owner after the porch assignment process is complete on Tuesday, May 30.
Should I bring my own water or other refreshments?
Yes. We’ll ask porch owners to provide water, but it won’t be required. See the porch owner page for what is and isn’t required of porch owners.
What about parking?
Parking may be difficult, depending on the porch location. Arrive early and be prepared to walk. You can drop equipment at your porch, but depending on where the porch is located, you may need to park elsewhere.
What if it rains?
We’ve planned a rain date: Sunday, June 4th. We will notify you by email if we need to move to the rain date.
How will people know about my performance?
The Medford Porchfest committee will be getting the word out through social media and our website. We’ll ask porch owners to promote performances on their porch to neighbors, friends, and coworkers. You should do the same. Anything you can do to promote your performance is recommended!
What’s the fine print?
We hope you have a great time at Porchfest. By agreeing to perform, host, volunteer and/or attend Porchfest you also agree to participate at your own risk (not that we are anticipating any issues). You agree to hold performers, hosts, volunteers, and/or organizers free of any claim for damages in the event of accident, injury, or disappointment.
Whom should I contact with other questions?
Please email the Medford Porchfest committee at
Thanks to Newton Porchfest for their awesome FAQ for musicians, which we have modeled this page on.